There are new menu items for switching the site language today. Now users have the opportunity to choose from three languages ​​(English, Ukrainian, Russian) the language in which it is more convenient for them to read my technical notes or which they understand better.

The statistics of site visiting pushed me to this step. It turned out that most of the visits to the site are from the USA and France, and more than 80 percent of all visits take less than 30 seconds. It is not surprising, because if a person is looking for some information on the Internet and comes across a website in a language that he does not understand, he immediately closes the page. I have opened and closed sites in Chinese several times.

When I decided to create the site “Circuit design” 10 years ago, I had a choice only between the two languages ​​that I knew, between Ukrainian and Russian.
That time I made my choice in favor of the Russian language, as it is understood in all countries of the former USSR. Thus, the information provided on the site became available to more people.

Of course, Ukrainians understand Russian language perfectly well, but having the opportunity to create content in different languages, why not create it first in their native language.
I had and still have doubts about creating content in English, since in my opinion I do not know English well enough to express my thoughts in English correctly. But I decided to try.

In the future, I am going to translate my most popular publications into English and Ukrainian languages ​​and will try to create new content in all available languages ​​at the same time.
If any words or sentences are inappropriate or there will be an incomprehensible translation, then write comments about it.

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Last modified: 1 December 2020



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