The project is dedicated to the development of electronic devices, programming of microcontrollers and related topics.
The site exists in the form of a blog with the ability to leave comments on articles.
Initially, it was assumed that users will be able to publish their own articles on the site, but in the 10 years of the site’s existence, no one has expressed such a desire.
Also, the need for a forum has disappeared, since they usually ask questions of interest to users in the comments to the corresponding article.

Therefore, after 10 years of operation of the site, I can safely write here that this is my personal blog, in which
I describe my experience of learning new microcontrollers, electronic modules, tools, etc.
Thus, readers can get the information they are interested in,
and I always have at hand my storehouse of information, where you can peep if you suddenly forgot something.

You can read information about me at Developer .
The best way to contact me is by writing a comment on the article or by emailing .
For questions and suggestions on the site’s work, please contact .

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Last modified: 29 October 2020