Petro Shevchenko, blogger

Generator of ideas and publications on the site “Circuit design”. There is known under the nickname Developer on the site, and also Janitor. I decided to separate the subject of the site from the administrative work this way. Janitor cleans up the site, and Developer writes articles.

About me and about the project

I graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, specializing in design engineer (electronics). I worked in the development of fire and security systems, was engaged in automation in production. I also had a chance to work in the IT department of a big company, after which the sitcom “The IT Crowd” became very close and beloved, and the catchphrase of one of the main heroes “have you tried turning it off and on again?” has become the standard answer to a support call.

After I had worked in the IT department, I keeped to work as an embedded system developer.
I have worked as a leading developer in a Ukrainian company that produces cash registers for transport.

Since 2018, I have finally started studing English. Since then I have worked for several international companies.

I have long dreamed of creating my own website on the Internet, sharing my accumulated experience, trying to revive the irrevocably lost talent of a writer in myself (as a child, I was engaged in publishing books and magazines with pictures by myself). I will be infinitely happy if the information provided on the site is useful to at least one visitor of the resource, sent by Google to this site.

Since, in fact, I do not suffer from dissociative identity disorder , you can contact me at my own e-mail You can write to Janitor at if you have any questions about the design or operation of the site. Keep in touch with the Developer by e-mail if you have any questions about the topics of publications. It is also possible to send a private message to any user registered on the site through the “Messages” menu item in the administration panel.

P.S.: Taking this opportunity, I want to say hello to GeOgre, who helped launch the project (and still helps me with web programming). And also I say hello to Volldemar, who is the first (if not the only) one who supported my desire to develop the site. Show your interest in the project! One or two comments to the articles – and I will know that someone reads my articles and is interested in “Circuit design”.

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Last modified: 28 October 2020