Programming the Raspberry Pi Pico using C/C++ SDK

There are a lot of embedded platforms with different performance today. Many devices have the same functionality and similar features. Thus, a developer accustomed to a variety of hardware platforms is very difficult to surprise with something really new. What can the new board Raspberry Pi Pico, based on their own chip RP2040, surprise us... » read more

Let’s experiment with WiFi modules based on SoC ESP8266

The ESP8266 SoC (System on Crystal) from the Chinese manufacturer Espressif provides the ability to easily develop programmable modules with access to WLAN. The ESP8266 does not have an internal Flash program memory, but uses an external QSPI Flash chip instead. The ESP8266 main features : RISC CPU Tensilica L106 with a clock speed up... » read more

“Circuit design” is now also in English and Ukrainian

There are new menu items for switching the site language today. Now users have the opportunity to choose from three languages ​​(English, Ukrainian, Russian) the language in which it is more convenient for them to read my technical notes or which they understand better. The statistics of site visiting pushed me to this step. It... » read more